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Control System

The OE Gasification system incorporates the patented control process that calibrates and optimizes the SK 1000 operation.



The system runs on Microsoft Windows NT as a HMI (Human-Machine Interface) on an off-the-shelf PC, while PLCs (Programmable Logic Controller) are used for process control.

PLC to HMI data transfer is handled by OPC (OLE for Process Control) via standard TCP/IP protocol. TCP/IP is the most widely used data transport protocol, e.g. on the internet and in office networks. TCP/IP protocol is also used for communication with other PLCs, such as flue-gas filter, boiler and feeding system.



The system patent covers the principle and process of maintaining energy output balance by controlling the volume of fuel fed into the primary chamber and the flow rate and mix of recycled inert gas / fresh air into the primary and secondary chambers.

A sensor monitors the characteristics of the flue gas after it exits the cyclone and compares it to the specifications set by the boiler. Any changes in the flue gas properties results in an automatic adjustment in the gasification process, therefore maintaining the required energy output even if there are variations in the fuel mix (moisture levels, calorific values.)


The security system is integrated in the control system on different levels. If an alarm in the plant occurs, the alarm messages can be transmitted as SMS messages to a mobile telephone or pager to on-duty staff. In turn the whole process can be monitored and/or operated from a remote location.