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Getting Started

Each OE Gasification project is approached and developed according to its unique characteristics.

The 6-Stage Process

1. Feasibility Study:
    • Assessment of steam requirements
    • Analysis of local fuels
    • Cost benefit analysis
    • Preliminary plant layout and interconnections
    • Preliminary cost estimate
    • Initiate environmental and project approvals
2. System Specifications
    • Detailed Project Proposal includes detailed engineering and implementation schedule, financial analysis with firm costs, and a detailed checklist of local approvals.
3. Solution Partnerships
    • Final commitments from relevant participants and partners.

4. Regulatory Approvals

    • Different jurisdictions have different regulations - federal, states and/or provincial and local governments, various ministries, etc.
5. Plant Construction
    • Supervised building contractor.
6. Plant Operation
    • Staffing, system management preparation