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Energy-From-Waste Overview

Energy:  rising costs, changing infrastructure

Given the ever-increasing global demand for fossil fuels, energy costs will continue to rise.  The era of “peak oil” is upon us.

Technological advances have emerged that support an economical use of solid waste and biomass to create fuels to support energy generation. Among Energy-from-Waste solutions, gasification represents the most significant development.

New developments and changes to distributed electricity infrastructure are just beginning to shift the balance of power away from large, expensive, non-sustainable sources to local, scalable and sustainable solutions.


Energy Sources: past and future

Energy-from-Waste solutions have emerged as local alternatives to energy generation. In the short term, they will not replace the need for large, centralized systems but they have the potential to significantly reduce the negative economic and environmental impacts associated with centralized energy generation and waste management processes.


Energy-From-Waste Advantages

• Reduction or elimination of waste disposal problems

• Reduced need for landfill sites

• Reduced economic and environmental cost of waste handling

• Reduced need for fuel and energy transport


Waste Management Issues

Europe, and a few progressive Asian countries, lead the way in integrated waste management and environmental legislation and practices. These countries have ruled out landfills as an option for waste that can be recycled or for combustible material that can be recovered for energy purposes.