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Technology Overview

The INC/OE Gasification technology is applied in small-scale combined heat and power (CHP) plants and the solutions are based on the standard SK 1000 gasification module with a thermal output of about 2MW – 3MW.

Each SK 1000 module has the capacity to process between 3,500 and 7,500 metric tons of waste per year, depending on the waste composition.

By combining several SK 1000 modules into clusters, the energy recovery and generation plants can be adapted to serve energy users with variable demands.

The SK 1000 is designed to convert the fuel (Processed Waste) into another fuel, syngas, used by boilers to produce hot water and steam for heating and industrial process applications, and to feed steam generators for the production of electricity.



4 Key Process Elements

1. Gasification module ("primary chamber") with inlet for fuel and outlet for ash and a manifold system for injection of "primary" air mixed with recycled flue gas.

2. Oxidization module ("secondary chamber") into which the syngas from the primary chamber is fed and a manifold system for injection of "secondary" air mixed with recycled flue gas.

3. Cyclone with combustion chamber for low calorific gas.

4. A patented Control System for the calibration, operation and optimization of the gasification process, including air supply and feeding of flue gas.