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Why OE Gasification?

Most gasification installations today are large-scale industrial systems that operate under high-pressure, high-temperature conditions. Typically, they are highly specialized industrial systems which require homogeneous fuels, highly skilled operating personnel, located in controlled-access industrial zones.

OE Gasification represents technology with the potential to become the leading gasification technology provider in the Energy-from-Waste market. The system offers an opportunity to install a modular unit to convert waste to thermal energy. The gasification technology provides an environmentally sound method of converting the waste to hot water or steam.


Key Comparison Criteria

Gasification System Variables Other Gasification OE Gasification
system Size Large-Scale Small-Scale
System Configuration Fixed Modular/Scalable
Fuel Type Capability Single-fuel Multi-fuel
Fuel Mix Capability Fixed Variable
Process Temperature High Moderate/Controlled
Reactor Type High-pressure Negative-pressure, Downdraft
External Fuel Source Required Not Required
Ash Output Solid/Gasified Loose


Benefits to Society

• Waste is recycled as "fuel" for energy

• “Made here” solution creates corporate and community good will

• Generates local employment

• Small-scale allows for less transport, less congestion, less pollution


Economic Benefits

• Significantly reduced fossil fuel energy costs

• Significantly reduced waste disposal costs

• Significantly reduced environmental emission costs

• Added "green credits" (reduced greenhouse gas emissions)


OE Gasification Advantages

Constant Energy Output - with variable fuel input

Modular - units can be linked together for different energy/waste needs

Scalable - multi-unit installations enhance flexibility and system uptime

Clean - fewer pollutants than many alternative systems. Air emissions
significantly below limits set by the EU directives on all parameter